Self Development

Over the past few years I’ve been working on developing myself, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too, and this has been mainly through working on myself; My Inner Power! I found myself lacking confidence, belief, motivation and I desired more so had to do something about it. By using fitness as a catalyst, I have found that in order to improve I had to change my routines and behaviours and work on my core foundation.

I found that I started to feel more ‘Powerful’ and this sparked a desire to want to do more. See with everything, especially making a change, first comes the motivation of taking the first step, then doing some work, then doing it again until you get a small result, once you get a result you get some belief, and this then creates positive momentum. With momentum comes opportunity and reward, and this is what keeps you motivated. This is what Inner Power is, our ability and application to work on ourself to create confidence, self belief, motivation and power to go out and do what makes us grow! How are you working on your Inner Power?

Joe Hickey