How much Power do you need?

So, I thought speak a little bit on my thoughts around Mental Health, as it is becoming more and more spoke about and apparent that a lot of workplaces. Im not a psychologist or medical health professional or anything like that, I’m just someone that is interested in this and passionate about making people more aware.

The thing is, it’s not something that is easily diagnosed, nor is it something that a lot of us want to accept, speak about or deal with. With our bodies being physical and tangible, if we are suffering from an injury or sickness we can see it or feel it, and do something specific about it, however our ‘Mentality or Emotions’ are completely different.

Our brains are still ‘tissue’ and like anything else we can train our minds to learn, grow, adapt and ingrain new habits. So why can’t we treat our Mindset? Everyone is different, we all have different feelings emotions and aspirations, however one thing I know is that as Humans we are all deteriorating whether we like it or not, we are all going to die! One amazing fact is that the odds of being born are about 1 in 400 trillion, which is near on impossible, how amazing is that? So, wouldn’t you try and make that last if possible?

Getting back to the point of mental health, previously little over a year or so ago I felt like I was lacking direction is all areas of life, sometimes, ‘life’ can get in the way right and we end up coasting with now real sense of urgency, direction or even purpose? You know there’s more out there, you desire more but not sure what?

See this is can make you feel unmotivated, depressed unhappy or negative, however this is a good place to be because it means that you desire more from life! It means that change is needed in some way shape or form. The problem is, a lot of the time we can become excuse driven, not take ownership and use short term fixes such as bad food, alcohol, which just makes the spiral worse. This not only does nothing but dwelling and excuses are a waste of energy and not productive, excuses only sound good to the ones making them!

The only action and remedy is to make change, and work at it for the better. See change, depending on what it is can be difficult and take time and have implications, however in life, its necessary sometimes. The world is always moving, evolving disrupting etc. and if we do not expand or grow ourselves then we will effectively move backwards and ‘die’ This is the same for business and our physical health. The problem is that to change, it takes uncomfortable actions that result in possible short term ‘struggle’ or ‘pain’ which can leave us fearful of doing it or complacency. This in turn will leave us venerable, as we only do something about when we need to and react!

You see with exercise, it is the same principle, you put yourself through reps, or periods of 'Pain’ which causes trauma and stress to our body in the short term. Once we have slept eaten correctly and recovered our body is now adapted to this ‘threshold’ and has grown a little. The more we do this the fitter, more stronger and more ‘powerful’ we become.

You see this is the same as in everyday life, if we face through challenges, in the short term it’s a struggle, however through the process we experience, learn adapt and grow and on the other side we become wiser, and of course more Powerful! I’m a huge believer that what we do with diet and exercise is transferable in everyday life, it’s a core foundation of our physical state, and if our foundation is good then we are more better solidified to dealing with more stress right? More weight?!

However, what about our mental state? Well how can we be in such good physical shape without the correct mindset? See therefore Diet and exercise are so important. I use fitness as a catalyst, it’s a foundation to build my physical and mental wellbeing which also helps with my emotional state. No one leave the gym in a bad mood, right?!

Not only that, but the sense of confidence, self-belief and motivation you get from working on yourself and wellbeing is huge and the only way forward, and this can be transferred into all other aspects of life. Not only that, you are decreasing your bodies deterioration process, and making yourself stronger and more Powerful!

To be physically strong you need to train, this requires a good mindset, however you won’t reach your full potential if your mentality is weak, so... If your mentally good but your body is weak you will be restricted, this will create bad emotions.

To have the both aligned requires the right fuel- Your Diet

With the above in line, you must engrain the correct disciplines, focus and mindset to keep consistent, not forgetting about sleep and rest etc. etc. etc., sounds like lot of work, right? But it isn’t!

You see when Diet and Exercise are the absolute core foundation of you, if you can keep this consistent you will become more healthy and Powerful. There is a lot more than just this, however when you put yourself first in these areas, your ‘Personal Economy’ you start to build the Power of You! Once you start to feel better you can operate better, be a more optimal person, instead of letting ‘life’ get in the way and using excuses to sugar coat why you can’t.

Fitness has saved my life, it has! I have completely changed since I decided to stay committed to it. It truly is my catalyst to being happier.  I have always been into fitness, martial arts, boxing running, and now CrossFit and Powerlifting- of which I have competed in. I have found that the process of getting better at this has kept me in a good level of focus, to get better it requires stepping just on the edge of my comfort zone where the pain is, where my sub conscious is telling me ‘Stop...!’ This doesn’t feel good, that was probably a little bit too much!' However, once you can get past that, on the other side it feels great, a sense of achievement, invigoration and happiness!

Isn’t it funny how happiness is on the other side of pain or discomfort? The trick is being you willing to work through the pain? Step outside your boundary of comfort? At the end of the day its binary, you either do your you don’t there is no in-between, also you need to expect to fail many times to succeed, again this is all part of the process.

The Process of building your Inner Power to do more to become more....

Power is your ability and application to build inner confidence, inner belief and motivation to go and achieve what you want, physically mentally and emotionally. Without it you cannot do anything.

How much Power do you need?

Joe Hickey