I met Ben for a single session and it was awesome, Ben is extremely
passionate and has a lot to give.
I found the session really valuable and took away a lot.
Power isn’t just about lifting, its about being a more powerful person
in more ways than one.
— John B
Ive been working with Ben for over 6 weeks now, im definitely in a
lot better place.
I get a lot out of the fact that this isn’t just ‘Coaching’ from a physical
aspect, this is completely bespoke.
I’m understanding now that there is a process to everything, and its
how you apply yourself, everything you do needs Power!
Through the work we do inside the gym, to the work we do outside,
I’ve become a lot more powerful and this is transferring to
everything I do in life, im more confident and moving forward the
right way.
— Glenn G